BBC Opportunities

There are a number of BBC TV programmes currently accepting applications for participants, some of which are very relevant to food and drink businesses.  Details are below:

Dragons' Den

For businesses with potential to scale who are looking for investment (or high profile publicity). Application form is on this link, scroll down to the bottom left corner of the page. If you are serious about applying for this, get in touch and we can sort out some business advice in advance - your business and espcially financial planning need to be spot on before you go anywhere near the Dragons. 

Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars

This is an interesting one, looking for 'exciting and innovative food businesses', it's a new programme and almost reads as a foodie version of The Apprentice. More info and application details can be found here

MasterChef: The Professionals

Well established programme and competition for professional chefs, now taking applications, info here.

If you fancy applying for any of these opportunities and want some help with writing your application, do feel free to email me on